Francisco Gomez

A technology entrepreneur and advisor to professional services leaders across the M&A, Consulting, and Legal industries.

My Interests


Aiming to use and democratize AI beyond productivity.

Business and Policy

Connecting the dots and finding signals that drive markets.

Writing and Analysis

Seeking intellectual honesty and lateral thinking.

Leisure &

Competitive tennis and medium-distance bike riding.


Francisco Gomez is a technology entrepreneur and advisor to professional services leaders across the M&A, Consulting, and Legal industries. As an entrepreneur and advisor, he guides he works with founders and business leaders overseeing the development of high impact market intelligence materials, AI policies, and AI offerings.  

Throughout his career, Francisco has built a strong foundational expertise in AI, market intelligence, and enterprise data & analytics applied to client acquisition, business origination and revenue generation efforts, which has made him a sought-after advisor who works closely with boards and chair-level leaders in the legal industry. In addition, with his knowledge base, he also leads team building and culture rooted in proactive problem-solving.

Outside of technology entrepreneurship, Francisco also serves as the Global Senior Business Intelligence Manager at a leading international law firm. In this role, he works closely with the leadership team, including the firm's chair, CMO, and COO, leading market intelligence initiatives such as the Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) market and applications, and firmwide programs in proprietary policy and trends research aimed at revenue-generating efforts. Francisco also works closely with the Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, and International Trade leaders to monitor the development of AI regulatory frameworks, cyber incidents, and national security trade sanctions. The firm also relies on Francisco to brief the management committee and senior partners on trends and market dynamics ahead of media appearances and for crafting industry insights for annual equity partner strategy sessions.

In addition to guiding the firm’s embrace of technological innovation, his leadership has helped law firms improve access to market-defining research, insights, and industry trends. This experience, along with previous roles in the BigLaw industry and broader professional services industry, has built a strong foundation to serve as a trusted advisor and partner to forward-looking leaders in the legal industry.

Previously, Francisco co-founded PRIMARI AI, a company focused on NLP function calling for B2B software. His primary responsibility was leading the development of AI that allows knowledge workers to transform how users interact with computers and databases using only natural language. Prior, Francisco served in the Global Advisory unit at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he was responsible for Business Intelligence and operations. He also served as the Business Intelligence manager at globally renowned law firm, Kirkland & Ellis LLP,  and was a Senior Associate for the Analytics group at Dealogic, a technology platform for investment banking and the global financial markets.

In addition to his professional roles, Francisco serves on the Advisory Boards of Rutgers University Center for Innovation and is a Guest Lecturer at The Business, Finance and Management School of New York. 

Francisco holds an M.S. in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, where he was also an Entrepreneur-in-Residence and assistant coach for the school’s Men's and Women's tennis teams. He earned a B.S. in Finance from Ferris State University, where he was a member of the university’s tennis team, following five years on the national Junior circuit in Mexico and two years on the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors circuit.

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